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Monday, 16 July 2012

Die, My Love - Penelope Fletcher

Die, My Love (Dark Creatures #1)
by Penelope Fletcher
7th August 2011
Poison Princess
Contains adult language, extreme violence and explicit sex. Recommended for ages 16+

If you had to become a monster to be with the man you loved, would you? Or is that a question you cannot answer? You see, for me the problem was never should I be reborn, but when. That and I knew the moment I saw Ben I would die. Let's be honest, rumors blood drinkers are real have had the world in a grip of terror for years, and I'd always known I was waiting for him. But there are ... things about my kind I do not yet know. This frightens me. Whispers of what these creatures really are is one thing, but the reality of what I have chosen to become? That is something else entirely.

Honestly, I found this book very hard to read in the beginning because it is written using stream-of-consciousness and this took some getting used too, it wasn't until I had read at least two chapters that I was able to make a real connection with her and that was only because Lee is not a stereotypical 'perfect' girl. She isn't supermodel skinny or extremely tall, she is completely average and she's okay with that because she knows not everyone in the world is 'perfect'. I have to admit that this is one of the only redeeming qualities of the book.

I enjoyed being in her world but can't help but be disappointed with how quickly she accepts everything and how quickly the story came to its conclusion. It is very hard to believe that she would have fallen in love with Ben without ever having spoken to him and this is something that is repeated within this genre time and time again. It is also hard to make an emotional connection with the characters because their backstory's are almost non existent and for me when a character died it resulted in me having no reaction to the event and honestly not minding if they would be around for the rest of the series.

Penelope has written a story that is completely about the intensity of love and how everything else pales in comparison but by focusing solely on the theme, the characters and their stories have been overlooked and even though it is somewhat unrealistic at times this is a fresh take on the vampire genre and I am looking forward to seeing what is in store for the rest of the series and the characters.

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Rating * * *

- Stephanie

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