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Wednesday 1 August 2012

My Book Boyfriend #2

This weeks book boyfriend is Dank Walker from Existence by Abbi Glines

Dark Brown Hair
Piercing ice blue eyes
Sexy smirk
Toned Body

"She means nothing to me." Dank's voice sent tingles down my neck and across my chest. "I would never lie to you, Pagan."

"I need you. Never doubt my need for you. But right now is not the time to explore my need. You have a love-struck boy downstairs needing your assistance with his homework,"

"I want to rip his arms from his body so he can't touch you again."

"I would love to accompany you into the bathroom while you shower and if I were truly as wicked as you think I am, I would do just that."

"You want me to fly away? That's cute."

"You're the one thing I want the most in the world yet the one thing I cannot have. Because to have you would be completely impossible. You can't go where I walk."

I picked Dank as my book boyfriend this week because he's sexy and mysterious and it wasn't just Pagen that he had at hello...
Dank walker is played by American Actor Ian Somerhalder

- Stephanie

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